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All Die

By David Maxson

What man can live and never see death?

Who can deliver his soul from the power of Sheol? – Psalm 89:48. Did you know that over one hundred and fifty thousand people die in the world every day?

Death is a universal problem. Its presence is everywhere. It happens on every continent, in every culture, and to every class and race alike.

Death happens in developing nations and in wealthy nations. It happens to both literate and illiterate. It happens to those who have good health care, and those with no health care.

Diet and exercise do not prevent death. It happens to those who follow a strict exercise regimen and to those who sit on the couch and watch TV all day. It happens to vegetarians and to meat lovers. It happens to those who eat a low-fat, gluten-free, high-fibre, count every calorie diet... and to those who love an all-you-can-eat, stuff-your-face-till-you're-sick buffet.

Death happens to those who have a lot of stress and to those who live stress free. It happens to those who sleep four hours a night and to those who get a full eight hours per night. It happens to diabetics and non-diabetics alike.

It happens to black people and white people; to those who love kwaito music and to those who listen to classical; to those who are strong and to those who are weak; to those who are in debt and to those who are debt free; to those who are famous and to those who live their lives in obscurity; to those who go to church and to those who don't; to those who pray every day and to those who don't; to believers and to atheists.

No matter who we are, where we live, or how we live...death is one appointment we must all keep.

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