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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made - Psalms 139:14

"I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well."

By J Exum

There are few marvels of the universe that even begin to compare with the human body. The wizardry of man, the gimmicks, the gadgets, the glitter of it all fades away when contrasted to the functions of the human body. The framework itself is, with over 200 bones, more durable than steel and every joint tightly enclosed, moving in a constant bath of oil and at the same time, producing its own oil.

The average person develops 2,500 calories a day, which is enough to heat and boil 25 pots of coffee. Within the brain there is a thermostat with its own nervous system. If part of the body gets too hot or too cold, signals are sent to the control centre and blood vessels of the skin contract or are enlarged to give off more or less heat. No air-conditioning system man has ever developed even comes close to the one God gave to man.

The electrical system of the human body is beyond imagination. The brain contains 10 million nerve cells. Your eyes are connected to your brain by 300,000 separate and private "telephone lines."

The best mechanical hand ever developed is but a clumsy feeble effort compared to the hand God gave man. What mechanical had paints a picture or plays the organ or performs a delicate surgical operation?

Your eye is the most expensive camera known to man. It comes with built-in adjustments and with an automatic system no other camera has ever known. Each eye contains a million nerve cells, which work together perfectly to allow you to see close up and at a great distance in living colour.

Your ears have of 1,500 keys. The average piano has only 88. The human ear is so sensitive that in a completely soundproof room it can actually hear the blood flowing through your vessels.

The average heart pumps blood through a system of thousands of miles of blood vessels, while resting a sixteenth of ever second. That totals up to about 6 hours a day or about 20 years during the normal life span the heart rests.

The mind of man defies comparison. With ability to reason, to remember, to plan —with intellect and conscience, emotions —it is where God Himself can dwell. Consider God's masterpiece, the human body.

No wonder the Scriptures say, "We are fearfully and wonderfully made."


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