The Bible

By Eugene Britnell

The Bible is the oldest, grandest, and most wonderful book in the world. That fact is believed by those who love the Bible and admitted even by those who hate it; yet no book is more neglected, mistreated and carelessly read. It is badly treated by those who wilfully misuse it; those who wrest its contents to their own destruction. It has been made responsible for almost every false, delusive, and destructive d o c t r I n e known to men. Every false doctrine parading under the guise of Christianity is credited (or shall we say, discredited) to the Bible. Many of those who admit the Bible is the revealed will of God, who profess outwardly to be friends of the Bible, do not hesitate to use it as a book devoid of any system, plan, or arrangement. They will tell you that one part is as good as another; they will tell the sinner groping, his way in darkness of sin that the plan of salvation can be learned from the law of Moses, or the prophets, as well as from the New Testament. We are told by some that since all the Bible is truth and since it is all good, we must think of each separate book and each line of each book as being applicable to us in this age, and that it is a waste of time to try to discover when, by whom, or for what purpose each book was written. Such is not handling aright the word of truth.

Why all the confusion in the religious world? The answer is, not many ,people read the Bible; few of those who read the Bible really study it; fewer try hard to keep in memory what they study; and fewer still meditate upon its sacred pages day and night. Thou too, we are living in an age when the very exponents of religion brazenly discredit it, telling their audiences from the pulpit that the Bible is not the word of God, that Christ did not rise from the dead, that heaven is simply a myth and religion is something to be recommended for the nerves. Instead of bending their wills, their creeds, and their systems to the demands of the word of God. they try to bend the Bible to fit their wills, creeds, and systems.

The Bible takes hold of its author —God—and extends down to the end of time. There is a gradual unfolding from Genesis to Revelation. Someone has said that the Old Testament contains the New Testament concealed; while the New Testament contains the Old Testament revealed. It has been truly said: "Genesis begins with man in darkness; the promise, like the stars of heaven, shined far away; the law of Moses like the moon, shadowy, imperfect, prophetic; the gospel, the glory of the 'sun of Righteousness' (Mal. 4:2); the home of the people of God, where they need no light of the sun nor of the moon, for the glory of God lights it and the Lamb will be the light thereof. (Rev. 21:23). The unfolding of the plan and the intellectual development of the people proceed together, and each period of development was the product of everything before it. You may investigate it from Genesis forward, or from Revelation backward, and in either case you cannot fail to discover that the cross of Christ is the foundation of the world's hope. You may begin with the source of the stream and follow it on until your frail bark floats into the boundless and fathomless ocean. That is what every earnest and devout Bible student is able to do. Genesis is the beginning of the stream, and Revelation and beyond it is ocean."

The Bible is a wonderful book, and will interpret itself if man will allow it to. All the confusion in the religious world is caused by someone taking one passage of scripture that suits their way of thinking, building a theory upon it, and failing to harmonize it with the rest of the Bible. We must learn to take the Bible as a unit and take ALL God has to say on any subject before reaching conclusions. If properly understood, there are no contradictions to be found in the Book of God, and being the truth it is always consistent.

Love It, Read It, Believe It, and Obey It “He who rejects Me, and does not receive My words, has that which judges him — the word that I have spoken will judge him in the last day.” John 12:48.

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